Friday, January 8, 2010

playdate with her first cousin!!

TGIF!!!!that goes for work but not for my night job.My night job...three days a my heart!Today my son brought his son to play with Gaia.They had a wonderful time!!Gavin was sharing almost everything he had and Gaia was loving it.There was one thing though he would not share and as Gaia went for it he turned his back and asked Dad for help!That was too cute.We decided to divide the color word cards and they were happy.Uncle Michael read them four stories and they loved.Of course Gavin thought his Daddy was so funny when he made funny voices.Gaia just looked on wanting more ..more....more...reading from Uncle Michael.Then it was time to go and Gavin said his goodbyes and gave grandma a hug.He is truly sweet!!

Gaia was then rocked to sleep by her grandma!!I just love being a grandma.....................I REALLY DO!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

three generations

I didn't think I was going to have Gaia today because her Mom did not feel well,....but as soon as I got home the phone rang and Gaia was on her way!!We played with animals.She now says a few words like CAT. I cooked her some Macaroni and peas and told her to wait it was "hot".She said"HOT".She danced to single ladies and when she finished eating her macaroni and peas she got bored and wanted to play a new game.Gma a piece of scotch tape on her nose and she ran wildly laughing.She triesd not to knock it off.Eventually she pulls it off.

I am trying to set up play dates .If you are reading this blog and would like to play with Gaia let her mother know and you are welcome!!

I will even give you a one hour free break!!

play date with Bee

First day of my babysitting routine.Gaia had a playdate with her BFF Bee.It was cool!!Bee has a lot to say in sign language.Annie was a big help!Gaia almost got bitten but that was because she was trying to get Bee off the chair.Bee was not having it! Old school would have been let Gaia get a nip then she wont do it daughter and Bee's mother are new bitting!!!